Using OPC UA to Azure IoT Hub Gateway and more

The coming of IoT technology in manufacturing scenario (Industrial IoT) brings along with it the need to map machines and sensors already connected in the plant to virtual devices (device twin) in Azure cloud

Based on OPC UA to Azure IoT Hub Gateway and OPC Client Welol is developing a solution to connect the customer’s machines to Azure IoT suite

The customer, a fluid control solutions company, implemented a data acquisition system based on RIO National Instruments boards. After that data and devices, available via an OPC UA server, are mapped on Azure IoT using OPC UA client to IoT Hub gateway.

In some cases, the RIO board is connected directly to Azure IoT Hub and vice versa. In both scenarios the IoT Edge Runtime is deployed using Docker on local Linux VM.

Once the operation completes, with machines mapped as devices on Azure IoT Hub, we will use a wide range of Azure IoT services to meet different requirements: Time Series Insights to store time based data for real time monitor & analysis, Cosmos DB and Table Storage for historical data storage, Digital Twins for creating a virtual space to analyze interaction between machines and environment and, last but not least, the IoT Central SaaS platform to build rapid and custom solutions.